Electricity Market Management Solutions

• Daily Data’s Report:

The day-ahead market, intraday market and balancing power market is taken by reports and graphs of results.

• Predefined Analysis:

Infrastructure is prepared by SPP Digital and these analysis included load, price, unbalance, system direction and etc. which period are selected by the user.

• Load, Balance and Price Analysis:

This section is analyzed load, unbalance and price level by three dimensional and simultaneously. User can be defined all combinations about analyzes to the market, day-night-points and any combination of successive date ranges. Thus, data can be obtained to reach the most accurate inferences for the future.

• Other Analysis:

This section is presented other analysis about supporting the commercial operations. User is able to doing compare index analysis, day-night-peak analysis, system direction analysis which can be selected time interval.

• Portfolio Analyses Reports:

▪ Usage of capacity and idle capacity reports
▪ Cost/Price analyses and commercial profit reports

• Parametric Reports:

This section is presented daily, monthly and weekly parametric analysis about Turkey Electricity Market. In addition, user can be produced automatic reports which can be using date interval combination.

• User Defined Analyses:

User can be drawing graphs and preparing table’s which is the quantity, percentage change, maximum, minimum and average values of one or more variables.

• Estimation:

This section can be making an estimation about load and price for the next 24 hours.


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