42 Media Services Platform


Media Asset & Service management platform built on big data and streaming technologies

We built scalable media asset library and service platform for the digital life. All your digital assets managed centrally with scale as you go strategy. You can store different types of assets such as video, image, sound and document and create authorized groups to work on them and share them. This platform helps you to share your content in different ways and let's you build your own CDN compatible with industry standards


the easily scalable media asset library

We built a very flexible and extendible media asset library to work on

Asset Management

You can store your data or connect stream resources to build and manage your media assets into authorized repos. Powered by industry standard big data platforms, you can scale up very easily. Through this unified repo, you can store, authorize and classify media assets for multiple users and projects centrally and ensure proper backup and high availability strategies.

Asset Manipulation

Put your assets into projects and prepare your data which encoding/decoding, resizing, changing formats, transmuxing, mixing and cleaning from noise and anomalies. You can put filters on your data to remove unwanted fragments tampering with your stream.


You can build you own asset publishing pipelines on popular platforms. You can use same assets for different projects for platforms. You can stream your assets or publish them as if you are publishing with traditional CDN applications.

by thinking differently, making our products simple to use and easily applicable to real life problems

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