M4r V1.n: Chatbot Platform & Analytics


Easily analyze & design your next generation bot.

M4r V1.n is designed to help you to analyze the interactions and build your own chatbot if you want to. We provide you all the necessary bleeding edge machine learning and AI technology that you may need. Retrieve and analyze every detail about your chatbot's interactions with your customers. Deep dive into factors leading to a better conversion.


the flexible solution for your business

We built a very flexible and extendible data flow and analysis framework for your chatbot

Intent Recognition

Easily control and analyze how your chatbot classifies your customers' intents. You can analyze to track the anomalies to construct a better conversation. You can add context to your intents to form a human-like conversational model. In addition to analyzing, you can use M4r V1.n's own intent recognition tools as well.

Engagement Analysis

Analyze the KPI in your chat logs. The next gen AI of M4r V1.n will help you to spot anomalies and detect the conversational patterns of your customers. You can easiy amaze your customers with the capabilities of your chatbot. Retrieve and analyze every detail about your chatbot's events and interactions with your customers.


Let your chatbot understand the meaning of sentences in natural languages. Give your chatbot the ability to get valuable structured data like dates, addresses and phone numbers from free text. Without gathering thousands of rules for your chatbot dialogs, faciliate smarter and more engaging conversations with machine learning.